Event Submission

10Please use this form to schedule synagogue events, to reserve event space, and to have them placed on the calendar. If a meal is to be provided and you are not a trained CBI organization or committee who is preparing the food, please contact Sharon at Gourmet-to-Go. (505) 804-8000. Click on the link for information about catering. https://bnaiisrael-nm.org/facilities/catering

If the event is sponsored by a CBI organization and has a budget, approval of Executive Committee is required prior to being added to the calendar if the cost is above $100, and not to exceed $200 a month.

Do the best you can when filling out the form.  We can make adjustments later if needed. Do not hesitate to contact Beth Stewart at Bethcbi100@gmail.com or call her. She will be happy to walk you through it.


Calendar Submission

MM slash DD slash YYYY
Start time of event
End time of event
Start time for custodian
A custodian is needed when the building is in use.
End time for custodian
What time will the custodian be able to secure the building and leave? The custodian should not be solely responsible for kitchen cleanup.
Do you have money in your budget for this event?
Note: Event reconciliation including receipts, expenses, and income is required within 15 days after event.
classroom, sanctuary, large social hall, small social hall, playground area, foyer, Adler Lounge-(include as many as needed)
Meat, Dairy, or no kitchen needed?
Do you need white linen or plastic tablecloths?
Are dishes needed?
Are any of the following needed? (Check all that apply)
If reservations are needed or tickets are being sold online, please contact Amanda in the office or Beth Stewart at bethcbi100@gmail.com.
If you have any questions, please email Amanda at office@bnaiisrael-nm.org or call (505) 266-0155.