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Top 10 Words Members Use to Describe CBI :

Conservative | Valuable | Friendly | Familiar | Necessary | Egalitarian | Important | Venerable | Inclusive | Educational | Welcoming


Reading the Megillah, many in Purim costumes.

Our Mission

For nearly 100 years, the mission of Congregation B’nai Israel (CBI) has been, “to create an environment in which all who enter our doors can be enriched and inspired by Conservative Jewish life, values, and spirituality.”

Our Vision

We are committed to the values, principles, and practices of traditional, egalitarian Conservative Judaism.  We are a member of the Pacific Southwest Region of the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism  (USCJ). Our sacred community, Kehilla, follows USCJ standards for congregational practice. 

At CBI, we aspire to enrich lives by cultivating a sacred and supportive multi-generational community that builds friendships and extended family. Our community is encouraged to find meaning and purpose in living a Jewish life. Together we explore Jewish teachings and practice, ask questions, and honor each person’s Jewish journey.¬†

Our Values

Congregation B’nai Israel is:

  • Non-judgmental and accepts everyone where they are, and for who they are.

  • Warm and unpretentious.

  • Where our members seek deeper connections spiritually and socially.

  • Where participation and engagement is encouraged.

  • Where customs and traditions are upheld while remaining open to innovation.

  • Always striving to do more¬†mitzvot and to achieve more for our members.

Our Welcome

We are more than a place of worship. We encourage you to be an integral part of our community.

Since the founding of our congregation 100 years ago, the faces of our members have reflected demographic changes taking place in eclectic Albuquerque and across the country. Some long-time members are six-generation New Mexicans. Others are newcomers to the Southwest. Many have moved here from far-flung places because of job opportunities, retirement, or educational pursuits. We are from all backgrounds, including interfaith, LGBTQ, people with disabilities, and diverse levels of personal observance. Our congregation is an extension of our family.  

Some members have a spouse, domestic partner, or other loving relationship with someone from a faith tradition, or branch of Judaism, that may be different from ours. Some have in-laws, children, or grandchildren that pair Judaism with another belief system. CBI is inclusive and welcoming to all to encourage our members to live in and build strong Jewish homes that value the richness of their family life.

For those who question if they will fit in and feel fully included in our community, we have an answer. The more that you participate and engage with us, the more you will belong.  Our faith community is stronger when you:

  • Join us in worship as part of our community.

  • Celebrate the sabbath and Jewish holidays with us.

  • Enroll your children in our Religious School.

  • Participate in our social and educational programs.¬†

  • Get to know our Rabbi and feel comfortable meeting with him to address your specific needs.

  • Enjoy and appreciate your family‚Äôs varied traditions, cultural upbringings, and beliefs.

  • Give us a chance to engage and embrace you.

Our Members

In April 2018, CBI’s Board of Trustees conducted a member-wide satisfaction survey. We learned about ourselves. The results are helping us to become a stronger member organization.¬† Respondents revealed:

54% have been members for greater than 20 years.

80% have been members for more than 5 years.  

65% of CBI’s newest members cited the primary reason for joining was that we are a CONSERVATIVE synagogue.


68% of all survey respondents chose CONSERVATIVE as their top-most word to describe our congregation. 

The top 25-most cited attributes used by all members to describe Congregation B’nai, listed by rank:¬†

  1. Conservative
  2. Valuable
  3. Friendly
  4. Familiar
  5. Necessary 
  6. Egalitarian / Important
  7. Venerable
  8. Inclusive
  9. Educational
  10. Welcoming
  11. Spiritual
  12. Committed
  13. Comforting
  14. Traditional
  15. Compassionate
  16. Ethical
  17. Open-minded
  18. Accommodating / Encouraging
  19. Essential
  20. Devoted
  21. Instructive
  22. Informal
  23. Engaging/ Joyous
  24. Progressive
  25. Cooperative


95% were satisfied with worship at CBI.

95% are satisfied with B’nai’s special events.

Outside the realm of prayer, CBI offers many events to provide avenues for member interaction, friend-raising, and fundraising. A few examples include Havdalah gatherings, Shabbos hospitality, festive holiday parties, and an annual Big Event. These occasions provide members with a venue to kibbutz, nosh, learn, and celebrate together. 

CBI’s Board of Trustees, auxiliary groups, and active committees are always at work to inspire more participation and social interaction amongst our members.¬†¬†

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