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Thanksgiving Prayer from Rabbi Gartenberg

A Personal Supplication (Tahanun) for the Isolated

on Thanksgiving During a Time of Pandemic

Shomer Yisrael-Guardian of Israel,

I have never felt so alone. I could never have imagined facing something like this on my own. I miss my family and my friends who cannot be physically with me on this day of thanksgiving.

I’m afraid. Please help me to overcome the waves of fear and loneliness that run through my mind. Relieve me from my racing thoughts of doom and despair. Help me ascend from my alarming descents into pessimism. Alleviate me from self-pity that distorts my worth and prevents me from reaching out for help. 

Please help me to transcend my fears for myself. Turn me toward concern for others. Move me to reconnect to an old friend. Break through my despair to donate food or money for those who are also suffering in these difficult times. Give me the courage to overcome my depression and reach out to offer encouragement to others.

Please remind me that you are with me. Allow me to feel your presence. Help me break through to gratitude and joy in my life.

Remind me, as a member of your covenanted people, of your love and constancy. Please listen to my plea and grant me calm. 

Accept the supplication of Your servant,

(add your name here)

May your Thanksgiving be filled gratitude and may Shabbat bring rest and peace. 


Bnai Israel