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2020 | 5781 Schedule of Shalichei Tzibbur, Prayer Leaders

Erev Rosh Hashannah  – Friday, September 18th

  • Segment 1: 6:30-7:30pm Rosh Hashannah Maariv;  Cantor Leon Natker
  • Segment 2: 7:45-8:45pm A Musical and Spiritual Overture to the Yamim Noraim; Chava Mirel and Rabbi Dov Gartenberg

First Day Rosh Hashannah/Shabbat – Saturday, September 19th

  • Segment 3: 9:00-10:00am Rosh Hashannah Day 1 Shahrit; Anat Halevy Hochberg
  • Segment 5: 10:15-11:15am Torah Service and Readings; Rabbi Gartenberg and Teens
  • Segment 8: 11:50-12:30pm Musaf and Concluding Prayers. Yehudah Patt

Transition to Second Day Rosh Hashannah – Saturday eve, September 19th

  • Segment 10: 6:00-6:30pm Audio High Holidays Highlights for the Phone. Rabbi Dov Gartenberg
  • Segment 11: 6:45-7:15pm Family Service; Rabbi Dov Gartenberg

Second Day Rosh Hashannah – Sunday, September 20th

  • Segment 12: 9:00 – 10:00am Shahrit Rosh Hashannah Day 2. Anat Halevy Hochberg
  • Segment 14: 10:30-11:25am  Torah Service and Readings, Shofar Service: Rabbi Dov Gartenberg and Teens
  • Segment 15: 11:30-12:15pm Musaf and Shofar Blasts. Anat Halevy Hochberg

Special 2nd Day Rosh Hashannah – Sunday Afternoon, September 20th

  • Segment 17: 5:30-6:00pm 100 Shofar Blasts Drive-In at the CBI Parking Lot

Kol Nidre – Sunday Eve, September 27th

  • Segment 18: 6:15-6:45pm Kol Nidre and Congregational Appeal. Rabbi Dov Gartenberg, Cantor Natker, Yehudah Patt
  • Segment 19:  6:50-7:30pm Kol Nidre Evening Service, part 1. Cantor Leon Natker
  • Segment 20:  7:35-8:00pm Kol Nidre Evening Service, part 2. Yehudah Patt.
  • Segment 22: 8:45-9:45pm A Musical Yom Kippur Service. Chava Mirel and Rabbi Dov Gartenberg

Yom Kippur – Monday, September 28, 2020

Yom Kippur Morning

  • Segment 23: 9:00-10:00am Shahrit.  Anat Halevy Hochberg
  • Segment 25: 10:20-11:20am Torah Service and Scriptural Readings. Rabbi Dov Gartenberg and Teens.
  • Segment 27: 11:40-12:10pm Yizkor and Conclusion of Torah Service. Cantor Leon Natker
  • Segment 28: 12:15-1:00pm Musaf and Conclusion. Yehudah Patt

Yom Kippur Early-Afternoon

  • Segment 31: 4:00-4:50pm Audio High Holidays Highlights for the Phone. Rabbi Dov Gartenberg
  • Segment 32: 5:00-5:40pm Yom Kippur Family Service. Chava Mirel

Yom Kippur Late-Afternoon

  • Segment 33: 5:45-6:45pm Minchah. Rabbi Dov Gartenberg
  • Segment 34: 6:50-7:45pm Ne’ilah Closing Service. Yehudah Patt

Major Sermons and Teachings by Rabbi Gartenberg During the Days of Awe.

  • Segment 7: 1st Day Rosh Hashannah. 11:30-11:45am.
    Sermon. My Hopes for B’nai Israel: A Review of What I have Learned from You This Past Year.
  • Segment 16: 2nd Day Rosh Hashannah. 12:30-1:15pm.
    Interactive Teaching on the Torah Portion of RH2: Exploring the Enormity of the Binding of Isaac. (Curious congregants should read p. 103ff. in the Machzor).
  • Segment 21: Kol Nidre 8:05-8:25pm.
    Sermon. Character Matters: The Meaning of the Hin’ni- the Leader’s Prayer for the Days of Awe. (Curious congregants should read p. 140 in the Machzor).
  • Segment 26: Before Yizkor. 11:25-11:40pm.
    Sermon. Who Shall be Serene, Who Shall be Troubled? A Reflection on the Impact of Mental Illness and How We Find Hope. (Curious congregants should read the U’netaneh Tokef prayer p. 143 in the Machzor).
  • Segment 29: Yom Kippur afternoon. 2:00-2:50.
    Interactive Teaching on the Machzor: Exploring the Dramatic Prayers of the Ne’ilah-the Closing Service of Yom Kippur. (Curious congregants should skim the Ne’ilah services, p. 391 to p. 429 in the Machzor).
  • Segment 30: Yom Kippur Afternoon. 3:00-3:50.
    Interactive Teaching on the Book of Jonah: Jonah’s Schadenfreude and Ours. (Curious congregants should read the Book of Jonah, especially chapter 4, p. 367 to 371 in the Machzor).

Index to CBI Services Led by Different Service Leaders.

Consult the Full CBI High Holiday Schedule for Specific Segments, Dates, and Times.

Anat Halevy Hochberg

  • Shahrit Rosh Hashannah 1 and 2; Shahrit Yom Kippur; Musaf 2nd Day Rosh Hashannah.

Chava Mirel

  • Special Musical Service on Erev Rosh Hashannah, Special Musical Kol Nidre Service; Yom Kippur Family Service.

Cantor Leon Natker

  • Erev Rosh Hashannah Services, Kol Nidre, Kol Nidre Evening Service Part 1, Yizkor on Yom Kippur Morning.

Yehudah Patt

  • 1st Day Rosh Hashannah Musaf, Kol Nidre, Kol Nidre Evening Service Part 2, Yom Kippur Musaf, Ne’ilah.