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We are a volunteer organization for our members, run by our members. Getting involved at Congregation B’nai Israel is very easy. We encourage it. You can join any one of our numerous “troops:” the auxiliaries, special-interest groups, and committees that welcome your energy and involvement.

Check back often on this website to discover ways new to you to make a difference, based on your interests.

If you are seeking synagogue group activities that don’t exist yet, we encourage your leadership initiative. It requires little more than imagination, ideas, and commitment to start a new group for others to join. Let us know the help you need to muster. Let’s get rolling!

Men's Club

CBI's auxiliary organization for men. Providing fellowship, recreation, personal growth, and mutual support. Working tirelessly to support the services and activities of the synagogue.

Involving Jewish Men
in Jewish Life

Look no further if you are seeking fellowship with other Jewish men. All post-Bar Mitzvah-aged men are welcome! Complimentary first-year memberships for new members of CBI.
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CBI's auxiliary organization for women. Providing friendship, stimulating community service, and initiatives that support Jewish education.

Chesed & Tzedakah

If you are seeking camaraderie with other Jewish women and opportunities to express loving kindness, the CBI's Sisterhood welcomes you with open arms.
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Chevurah Chesed

CBI's member-to-member support committee, led by Melissa Drolet & Terry Heller. Now seeking volunteers to provide essential assistance to our members who are unable to participate in activities.

Caring For Members

Help our member shut-ins and those experiencing new set-backs, grief, or loss. If you know of someone in need, or want to help provide it, call 266-0155 and Chevurah Chesed will get in touch with you.
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Group singing to advance spirituality dates back to King David. CBI's lay-led Choir is dedicated to elevating spiritual practice and experiences through choral arrangements of our prayers, hymns, and psalms.

Lend Us Your Voice!

No experience necessary! Bring your love for singing, harmony, and melody. Gatherings are every Wednesday to practice at leading a lovely evening of music and prayer for our congregation during Choir Shabbats.
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Arts & Judaica

CBI's beautiful collection of artwork and Torah scrolls are conserved by a team led by world renowned Museum Curator, Ellen Landis. With her leadership, this team oversees our fine arts & other cultural assets.

An Artistic View of Life

The Committee for lovers of art and Jewish Culture. They catalog our collection of paintings, sculptures, Torot, etc., and work with the House Committee to ensure proper display of the artworks for all to enjoy.
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The House

Our building is unique! In 2019, it was recognized as a historical and cultural asset: inducted to both the NM and National Registries of Historic Places. We received the NM Cultural Commission's Historic Preservation Award.

Caring for Our Building

Are you handy with tools? Would you like to help preserve our incredible but graciously aging building? Join Russell Goldstein's House Committee to help maintain & enhances our physical space.
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History & Archive Project

After 100 years, CBI has accumulated artifacts and stories that need to be recorded and conserved. Alex Maller, is leading the Archive Project efforts to look after and maintain our precious history.

Preserving Our History

The important project of maintaining CBI's archive will be appreciated by future generations.
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Our special events stimulate community involvement and encourage social interaction. We bring people together to have fun doing something Jewish, learning something new, and growing new friendships.

The More The Merrier!

Amanda Cohen-Bandy leads the Programming Committee that organizes fun and exciting all-ages events to elevate our social and spiritual connections. Now seeking volunteers to lend energy, creativity, and ideas for our new events.
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Volunteerism is the heart of Jewish life. We have countless ways to get involved. Becoming a CBI volunteer will give you purpose, provide social connections, and make a difference.

Get Involved

Do you want to make CBI stronger? Are you searching for a Service Learning Project? Would you like to enhance or sharpen a skill? These are reasons to engage: CBI needs you. Let's get started!
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